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Peaceful Days [entries|friends|calendar]

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Friends Only [01 Nov 2020|04:52am]

My friending policy's pretty simple. If you want to be my friend, friend me and then comment on this post telling me that you did so. I'll add you back. I will unfriend you, however, if I do not see you posting at all in your LJ or if after a month or two you haven't commented on any of my posts. Consider yourself forewarned. Before friending me, please check to see that we have at least few interests in common (anime, manga, Tenimyu, seiyuu, jmusic). Since I'm in a lot of fandoms, I tend to ramble/rant/fangirl over a large variety of things. If you do friend me, leave a comment here so I will know to friend you back.
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Kimeru on Popjam [21 Jan 2007|09:20pm]
I shouldn't have procrastinated on all my homework by working on my layout this weekend T__T I still have quite a bit left to do and not very much time left to do it... ._.

Anyways, I bring you Kimeru's performance of "Starry Heavens" on PopJam 2007.01.20 like I promised ^O^

Screencaps + download linkCollapse )

Is it just me, or does he sound a bit off throughout the whole song? o.O
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Switch wo Osu Toki ~Kimi wa Naze Ikiteirunda?~ [07 Dec 2006|03:53am]

Links + Caps under the cutCollapse )

Enjoy!! ^O^
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Aiba song lyrics [27 Jul 2006|08:58pm]
[ mood | proud ]

My second public post on my LJ! XD

I romanized the lyrics to the three new songs on Aiba's album and typed up lyrics in kanji for two of them as well ^^ If you notice any mistakes in them, please tell me and I'll change my post accordingly.

Please DO NOT post these lyrics anywhere else. I put a lot of effort into them and spent hours on them.

Thanks to cooljade for sharing the album in the first place and to xiyu for scanning the booklet ^^

Tsubasa no KizunaCollapse )

Shootin' your smileCollapse )

Yume no KidouCollapse )

Sorry if you see this a lot, because I did x-post to quite a few comms... ^^;;

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